Personalisation – stop doing it wrong!

Most people are doing personalisation wrong!

It’s a big call we know but we’ve spent the last 20 years running mail houses and digital agencies, so we’ve seen our fair share of direct marketing campaigns. You know, the one where a huge database is sent a generic message with a “Dear First Name” tacked on and everyone sits back and says “yup, personalisation… Tick!”

On the flip-side though we’ve also been lucky enough to see some of the most successful and engaging forms of personalised marketing in Australia. Some of which we’ve had the pleasure of planning and executing (think Village Road Show to Unilever to Star Casino).

So, allow us to share some of the good (and bad) secrets we’ve learnt and how you can apply it to every stage of your customer’s life-cycle.

Relevance trumps personalisation, until you know someone well enough.

If you’re looking to convert more leads ask yourself “how does my product or service differ across various industries, locations or even languages?” Maybe your product solves multiple problems? Rather than have one generic message that covers them all broadcast specific content to identify which segments your leads likely fall into and then have a more defined conversation with them, over time, that talks to their individual problem.

You know my name, you don’t know me.

Filling out a demo request or downloading a whitepaper doesn’t mean we know each other. A “squeeze” is not an invitation to sell. Think of it as an opportunity to earn trust and learn more about your lead, not go in for the kill.

When you know me, don't waste my time.

Like many of you we get a lot of emails every day. So, one of the big frustrations is when brands we love, and that we thought loved us, send offers that are irrelevant – the ‘spray and pray’ approach – wasting our time. Think of loyalty as a bank account; you spend so much effort filling it up, the last thing you want to do is waste it through ignorance, laziness or desperation.

Don’t tell me what I want, give me choices.

People love having control. In an experiment done with humans, people were given gambling chips to use at a casino. They could use the chips at a table that had one roulette wheel, or a table where they could choose from two. Even though all the wheels were identical, and it didn’t change their odds, people preferred the table with two wheels – it’s just the way we’re wired, to opt for choice if it is offered.

Don’t be creepy.

One of the most interesting, and creepy, stories that we tell our clients and friends, is when the retail chain Target, in the UK, sent a coupon to an expecting teen mother when their algorithm picked up on several data points that they’d used to successfully predict pregnancy.

Unfortunately, in that instance the mailer was opened by her parents who weren’t yet aware of their promotion to ‘grandparent’. Long story short, Target learned that being this overt with personalisation and data was creepy. The lesson here is to think about how different behaviours can trigger a change in the customers’ needs or expectations. Then if you do use that change, make sure your communication is relevant and doesn’t cross the line of being creepy.

So, if you’re reading all this and thinking “well that’s just common sense,” you’re right! But how often do we properly implement it across our customer’s or even employee’s journey? Like any relationship, what you put in is what you get out and the data tells us that those who invest in personalised conversations reap the rewards BIG TIME! Let’s recap quickly some statistics.

6x Higher Conversion
19% Higher Sales Uplift

80% Higher Conversion
68% Higher Retention

5x CTR & 4x Brand Recall
2x Engagement

personalisation + video = personalised video australia

How does this fit into what we do at PMG?

Regardless of what you’ve seen in the market with personalised video we don’t believe in whacking a name on a generic video. We won’t do it! We, and our partners, can do better than that and we’re passionate about helping businesses connect with their prospects and customers at a personal level – delivering value the best way we know possible. It’s also why our name isn’t “Personalised Video Company.” Technology will come and go, but our desire to help businesses communicate and connect effectively is what drives us. Right now, though, video is the most effective way of communicating and engaging with customers.

If you want to truly connect with your customers, partner with us. We’ll deliver a scalable communication solution that will turn your customers into raving fans, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.